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Wellness & NLP Coach

  • I offer you support in a solution space towards your full potential.

Mindfulness & Wellness Workshop/Coaching. (NLP & CBT)

  • I will accompany you in reaching your full potential in a solution base mindset.

Kangaroo Fitness is your partner in education, wellness and for all your needs on the art of integrating mindfulness, resilience and yoga at school, daycare and at home.

  • Zen parent workshop
  • Activities in school / preschool
  • Conferences - Cultivating wellness.

Kangaroo Fitness is your Partner in education, wellbeing and all your needs in integrating mindfulness, resilience and yoga in school, day dare and at home.

  • Workshop for parents
  • In school/pre-school programs
  • Conferences - Cultivating Wellness. 

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