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The love dolls are handcrafted dolls made entirely by hand with surviving fabrics.

Special orders welcome.

The only limit is the imagination!


Love dolls are hand crafted artisale dolls. Made from repurpused frabics.

Special orders welcome!

The only limit is imagination!!!

For more information see our Facebook page.

For more information please see our Facebook page.

Poupées d'amour

By: Ariane Gouault

Because life is filled with love color and laughter.

Because life is a beautiful mix of textures, emotions and uniqueness.

Because life comes in all shapes and sizes.

Love dolls are dolls that reflect life and all its wonders.

They will keep all your secrets, fight off the monster at night and watch over you no matter your age.

Love Dolls (custom or not) are handmade dolls that give life to unwanted material,

a second wind to old cloths, a new look to over loved blankies and save obsolete samples from the land fields.

Whatever the source, it is love at first sight and the only limit is imagination!!!

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