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Ariane Gouault


Life time of passion in life and all it as to offer.

10 years of experience in guiding kids, teachers, educators and parents in wellness, midufuleness, self-regulation and resilience, in schools and at home. 

30 years of experiences of working with kids to get them moving on the slops, in the water, in the gym or in the parks... 



Ariane Gouault accompanies you into a solution base mindset and space, exploring the states of the present moment with Softness, Strength and Humor. 

Certified NLP coach,  I guide you to navigate your challenges by exploring your 7 levels of consciousness, the environment, behaviors and abilities, through beliefs and values, up to its identity and its meaning.


Here now what is there?  Contact me and Make an appointment 

About Kangourou Fitness

Kangourou Fitness is a company specializing in supporting children, parents and education professionals to integrate mindfulness, self-regulation, resilience and the art of communication and empathy, always having fun and  exploring practical tips and tricks that are easy to adopt and integrate.    contact me andBook a workshop  

About Ariane Gouault

Ariane Gouault is first and foremost a mother of two boys (teenager) and military spouse. Over the years, she has been able to adapt and deploy her creativity and resilience to new contexts/cities/provinces.  She always puts to work and at the service of others, her skills in teaching, coaching, working in special education as well as in occupational therapy, by creating her own company that meets the current needs of so many parents and professionals. in education. Being passionate about sport and well-being, it is with great pleasure that she leads her workshops and programs to develop the full potential of children and live in harmony with oneself and others. 

With all the benevolence of her soul, she aims to lead by example by sharing her passion with other parents and their children so that they too can have a healthy and active life.

Certifications and experience 

  • Certified NLP Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Manager/Trainer/Facilitator PedaYoga Inc.
  • Diploma - Occupational Therapy Technician/Rehabilitation Service 
  • Certified in Level C CPR and Emergency First Aid
  • Certified Coach Level 3_Elite (NCCP Advanced Coaching)
    • 30 years of experience in animation/teaching etc... with children 
    • 10 years of experience in physical rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy Technician)
    • 10 years of experience in special education in school environments 
    •  4 years of experience as a personal trainer
    • Qualify in adapted sport teaching. (Skiing, swimming, wheelchair rugby)
    • 5 years of experience as a summer camp instructor (+1 as director)
    • 8 years of aquafitness teaching experience
    • 8 years of swimming and alpine skiing instructor and coach experience
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